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audiovisual performance

Present is a meditative, audiovisual performance by Anne and Hale. Instrumental music is combined with fog and lights. On stage, Hale plays various instruments and Anne controls the visual elements. The space between them and the audience acts as a painting surface for colors and movement, while music played by Hale on various instruments fills the air.

Experience Present

The purpose of the show is to offer, in addition to a beautiful experience, the opportunity to turn inward, quieten down from the hectic everyday life and give the mind a rest from the information overload.

Anne and Hale share a vision of turning the focus in performing arts from the artist to one watching the performance and creating a space for relaxation, calmness and presence. Well-being is a key value for both of them. Due to Hale's church background and Anne's metal music background, they bring different artistic elements to the performance. This combination creates the unique atmosphere.


Anne is a lighting designer with an 18-year international career in lighting. She has traveled around the world with bands like Sunn O))), Mayhem and Carcass. Anne was awarded in 2019 at the WILM Awards as the best lighting designer. In 2022 she designed and programmed the lights for the Swiss work "Concert" at the Venice Biennale.


Hale is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who graduated from the Sibelius Academy. He has performed for 15 years as a soloist, cellist, pianist, organist, choir director, composer/arranger and conductor. He combines acoustic elements with electronic tones and sounds from nature. Hale has performed at several wellness events and is a sought-after musician for various ensembles.


+358 fortyfour 3838414

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